Song suggestions for a 36er video

IMO, it’s the most difficult part of making a video.

To give you a background I am going to make a short (3min) street 36er film with city scenes around a river, on the road etc, using lots of camera angles and moving shots.

The songs I would like to use would be songs that have a continuous upbeat which will reflect the smooth speedy aspect of 36er riding. So like indie/alternative rock songs?

I have a few in mind-

1901- Phoenix
Animal- Miike Snow
MGMT- Time to Pretend
Young Blood- The Naked and Famous

Any suggestions?

Ruth Brown’s version of Alex Hill and Andy Razaf’s 1935 song If I Can’t Sell It, I’ll Keep Sittn’ on It.

Not really the style I’m looking for. But thanks

Starlight by Muse