Song/Music Discussion Thread

This is a thread for talking about songs that people have used in their unicycling videos in the past, are considering using in the future, need an opinion on as far as the type of video to use it in, and other topics of that nature. Basically it is a place to discuss music related to unicycling videos, or songs that one might listen to while riding.



I need help with song choice, at the moment I’m making a sponsorship video but I can never seem to find a good song :frowning:
The video is flat/street and has a fairly fun/energetic feel to it, so I’m thinking death metal just won’t cut it as a song choice… :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I’ve tried “Just Can’t Get Enough” (black eyed peas), “Wild at Heart” (Birds of Tokyo) and “Addicted” (Bliss n Eso) but nothing seems to fit - or I’m just overthinking it and should pick a song :slight_smile:

Anyone got some suggestions?? They’d be a real help :smiley:

i’ve been thinking about using i need a doctor by dr dre, eminem and skylar grey for my video. or maybe hold yuh head by Norotious BIG feat Bob Marley :slight_smile:

Try looking under faded paper figures, k’naan, and, stuff like that. i think that kinda music is good for uni videos.

haha, Raphi always has good song choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Want something original?

Try some Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Upbeat, classic stuff, and it doesn’t sound like you’re trapped inside a teenagers head.

EDIT: I just remembered this ski video that a friend of mine made. Used CCR music.

+1. Don’t take my word for it but I think he uses some music from snowboard videos, there’s a group called “Isenseven” and most of the songs they have used Raphi also uses. Not the well known songs like Kid Cudi but like “Salt, peppa and spinderella”. And all the songs fit their riding style!

Fun and energetic, sounds like power metal.

Give it some Rage:

Or try Helloween from back in the day, when they still had a pint of Thrash in their Metal:

yeah, skiing and snowboarding is big in Austria :smiley: but if he can make a ski video song work for a unicycle video, props to him :slight_smile:

and thanks for the other suggestions, now i have sooo many choices :stuck_out_tongue:

In my last Video I tried to used different music then most unicycle videos and used the song “expectations” from belle and sebastian.
I dont know how songs like this fit in extreme unicycling videos so I am currious abour your opinions. You can watch the video here:

Personaly I dont like the use of to hard music like the one kamikaze suggested.

I didn’t suggest any hard music. This one is worth listening to. Note the melodic sequence starting at 2:50.

Great thread, I’m always scouting out new songs to put with my videos…infact, I usually find the song beforehand and feel like I NEED to make something to go with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I used Helloween in an old video that never made its way to the internet, fantastic band :slight_smile:

Being really into my metal and all, I would love to incorporate something midly heavy into a video…So far, the only song that I could see meshing well with my style is this one:

When I hear a song that could be good for editing I always write it down on my iPod :stuck_out_tongue:

Small list of songs I’m going to use:

For some flatland or something like that :slight_smile:

I think I will use the first 10-15 secs for some intro/trailer some day :slight_smile:

For a street vid

All round vid, maybe I will make it to an instrumental version of the song…

At the thing about music I’m riding to I often ride to dubsteb or The Prodigy :slight_smile:

My bro once did a video to this song and I think it’s really awesome!

The song is by Tim Christensen

Praise to Tor for allowing me access to censored content.

Maybe you like Apocalyptica feat. Sandra Nasic (her voice is wasted on the Apes, in my opinion):

I can never find songs, it usually takes me longer than the time I spend editing. Right now, I’m making a video with this song:

I think it’s one of my better song choices, so no one better steal it :angry:


I don’t really think any of this dark, heavy music really works in a unicycle video, or really any extreme sport video. I’ve only heard it fit the mood of the video once, and the bmxer was getting destroyed on every trick.

I hope to have a Nevermore based freestyle choreography one year from now, to prove all you nay sayers wrong.

I tend to agree…You need to have a very, I don’t know…for lack of a better word “hardcore” video to pull it off - I’m definitely not up to the standard where I could use a heavy song and not look like I was over compensating.

I tend to think the same thing for a lot of rap/hip-hop too. While I have learned to thoroughly enjoy a few artists, I find that sometimes it’s just as heavy (in a different way ofcourse) and doesn’t mesh well with the videos.

Hahaha! I like you, Kamikaze :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m honoured, but wait and see whether I can deliver.

My plan is make half a year of technical training. Then I take all the stuff I hopefully learned and build my choreography.

I will probably leave out the difficult elements I learned. I want to focus on elegance and visual appeal of movement and unscheduled dismounts interrupt the flow.

I think songs like this can easy fit in advanced unicycling videos. Something I’d suggest for a video like that is to mute the video sound and leave the music undisturbed by loud sounds.
BTW, I think this thread could really take off as long as people don’t just say what songs they like and leave it alone. I also think it would be really nice for people to put links to the song they’re talking about like some people are now doing.
This song I think would be really interesting in a video to watch with good editing:

A clean version of this would be nice for, say, a day edit on a Saturday:

This song would be really good if I could make a good edit: