son want a unicycle, dad lost...

My 9 year old boy want a unicyle for his 10th birthday. I have no idea about the size or type to get. His inseam is 28 inches and he weights around 105 pounds. Would like any information on what is a good brand to purchase and size.



Go down to your local bike shop and look about getting a 20" wheeled unicycle.

Something like that shouldn’t cost much more than $100 and it’ll be good enough to learn on. After he’s beaten that into the ground, he’ll have more of an idea of the type of riding he likes, and you can go from there. also has a ridiculous amount of unicycles to choose from, if you’re so inclined. I recommend the bike shop route, though.

well, you could get him a torker lx, or torker dx if he’s going to be doing any mountain unicycling. There is a bunch to chose from if you go to

pretty much any uni is good for a learner unicycle. If you think he will get serious right away then get something a little better, like i said a torker dx, and probably 20". It has a splined hub, that wont break,and is a really good uni for the money.

this is the torker, that will be good for awhile

this is a good learner uni

This is another good learner uni

hope this helps

i vote 2 go for the torker lx or dx depending how much you want 2 spend becouse learning how 2 unicycle some times gives the unicycle a beating…and you dont want 2 spend a ton of money on somthing your kid might not like…so i say get him a cheaper one and if he really gets into it get him a nice one down the road…i think thats the best rout

Id go for the LX as a learning uni.


Some bike shops are well equipped to sell you the proper unicycle for your needs. But most aren’t, and can only sell you what they have, with little or no information about what to do with it. The Torker advice is great for beginners, or have a look at to see what else is out there. Read this section for more info on the various unicycle types:

You can also call 1-800-UNICYCLE if you have more specific questions, and then order right over the phone.

Your fine dad J_D!

As others have said, the Torker LX is a good unicycle. It should last your son a while and they are relatively inexpensive. Get a 20 inch wheel.

Re: son want a unicycle, dad lost…

On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 13:53:01 -0500, J_D wrote:

>My 9 year old boy want a unicyle for his 10th birthday. I have no idea
>about the size or type to get.

I agree to the Torker LX advice, but I think most cheap unicycles are
OK for learning. And indeed 20" is absolutely the best wheel size for
a 10 year old. Seat post length doesn’t really matter. I can hardly
imagine it would be too short for a 10-year-old, and if it’s too long
it can be cut down.

Take a look at some more beginners advice on .

I bought a 20" unicycle for the 11th birthday of my daughter. That was
6 years ago though.

Good for your son JD! I hope this is the start of a lifetime sport for him.

The advice above is all good. My son learned when he was 8, and we made the mistake of buying a 16" uni for him to start on. He outgrew it and was ready to move to a 20" within a few months. He’s now 12, and is still going strong on that 20", although I see him in a 24 by Christmas time.

Riding uni with your kid is a BLAST. If you don’t ride, you should consider learning. I was crowding 40 when I took it up, and it’s led to some really great father/son experiences. Here is a picture of me and my son–he was 10 at the time–getting ready for a ride in the woods, and another of Miles at age 10 as he was first learning his off-road riding skills. In both shots, he’s on a 20" uni.

Good luck!


as a bike shop employee, i can say the most (incl. us) don’t have too much on hand, but can get stuff, particularly torker and sun fairly easily. i’d also second the advice for the 20in torker lx. cheap (but not too cheap) and has the best seat of any “learner” unicycle.