Somthing wierd with my account

I was just about to reply to dogbowls slick tire thread,in wich i was going to post a couple links,when i realized the tool bar at the top of the “post reply” that has the hyperlink,img,bold italic and underline,etc. tools is missing!!Also,the smilies are gone!!!
But,the “message icon” smilies on top are still there.Whats happening?

Most likely I accidentally changed my account settings somwere,could sombody please help?

I restarted my computer,shut everything down,it still does it.

Re: Somthing wierd with my account

Even though i posted a link to kendausa,It wasnt me,it did it autamaticlly.
I cant put a link there myself.

odd. it’s there for me…

Dang its driving me nuts!

Check user profile -> edit options -> Use vBCode quick links on your message input screens

If it’s set to no then the smilies and vB Code items will not be displayed.


Hey thanks that was it.Back to normal!I cant beleive I missed that.


it’s there for me. but that’s why I memorize all the codes anyway. actually that’s not the reason, but I do it, soo… (: