Something new from Syko Productions?

A special cut of “Revolution One” was shown this weekend at the Lake Tahoe Film Festival.

There’s nothing up on the Syko Productions web site. Perhaps Dan’s been too busy modeling Columbia gear…

Anyone got the skinny on this new flick?

Maybe they’re keeping it secret… thus the “never before seen footage”
Should be cool though.

It will be a documentary. Knowing Dan, it will be an awesome documentary.

yes, quite definitely lol.

Exciting! I can’t wait to have a delicious new dvd to watch all the time.

sick… but why does it say “New Film”? is there a new DVD coming out?

Sounds cool, can’t wait.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hes bringing out a dvd of riders and its not a documentary.Thats all im telling

Awesome. Defect won this festival in 2006. I hope the new doco wins but I think the ski movie claim will win. Matchstick productions make amazing films and claim is meant to be the best yet. Here is trailer and some clips of Eric Hjorleifson (my favourite skier :D) that will be in claim:

Claim is good, but honestly, it’s not the best ski movie ever. I’m working in a ski shop and we play a lot of ski movies… there are definitely ones better than claim. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have potential to win the festival though.

What’s better than “Claim”?

I haven’t seen it yet, but if you’re gonna say there’s better movies, you better tell us what they are!

Well of course it’s only my opinion, don’t get me wrong, claim is awesome, with some great footage, but the overall feel was a bit lacking… Ummm… one good one is Such Is Life… I can’t remember the names of the others…

I haven’t actually seen it yet lol. Hopefully I’ll get it for christmas. I have seven sunny days and it’s pretty awesome but from the trailer claim looks even better.

BTW I haven’t heard of that other one you mentioned.

Yeah Seven Sunny Days is Wicked… Especially the whole squirrel suit thing.

Yup that bit made my jaw drop. Freaking crazy. How does seven sunny days compare to claim?

They have a different overall feel for sure… Some videos give the feel like they are a bunch of stunts to impress you… some just make you really love skiing(or whatever sport it is). So although Claim is really impressive, with some really awesome footage, it doesn’t have the same overall feel as the ones I would say are best.