Something like this ever happen to you?

I was riding my new 36 yesterday, and a car was trailing me, and I was hugging the curb, and the car was still trailing me — I’m thinking, Go around me, you ass, there’s plenty of room — so I got onto the sidewalk via a driveway, at which point I UPD’d. The car stopped, and the driver asked if I was all right. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said. Then the driver said, “I was filming you.” I picked the wrong day to wear a Speedo.

When I ride on sidewalks/road I often have cars pass me with someone (unfortunately sometimes the driver) with a phone held obviously either filming or taking photos. I always think to myself, please just drive!!!
And I am not wearing speedos

Yup, me too.
About 2 years ago, along a quiet country lane. I’m thinking ''please just overtake!" Followed me forever, I upd :roll_eyes:
Wish I’d been wearing speedos :smiley:

A long time ago, I was riding my Coker and the same thing happened. A car came up behind me and just followed me for awhile. I waved them by and they started laughing and then it hit me that they were a bunch of high school girls. A few seconds later, they passed me with one of them flashing their boooobies at me. :stuck_out_tongue: I then upd! Thankfully, I wasn’t wearing speedos!

Lights, camera, uni!

Once I was riding in the park and some teens on bicycles started riding alongside me. One of them, with a huge grin of delight on his face, pulled out his phone and started filming me. “No one’s gonna believe this unless I show them,” he said. After a few minutes, apparently he had enough footage, and they rode off.

The other video encounter occurred at night when I was riding home from work on the sidewalk. I use hokey spokes on my Coker to make myself highly visible, but they also tend to attract a lot of attention. This one time, a car traveling in the opposite direction passed by me, but then slowed down and made a U-turn. The car pulled up next to me, driving slowly, and when I glanced over I saw someone in the passenger’s seat recording me. A few seconds later, they gave a quick beep-beep, took another U-turn and drove away.

If they slow down and follow you, that means they see you…that’s a good thing. If you hear a whining engine and tires spewing gravel into the woods…panic.

I hate the modern attitude to taking pictures to prove you’ve seen something - but without properly looking at it.

I’ve had people film me from a moving car as they’ve overtaken me on a narrow road. What are they going to do with the film? Show 10 seconds of camera shake and a blurred image of a unicyclist to their friends and somehow gain kudos for having spotted a rare unicyclist?

We were out Morris dancing one evening in a nearby town, and I noticed people stop for exactly long enough to take one photograph of the team before walking off. They didn’t stop and watch. They didn’t even take care to choose their angle or frame their shot. It was just “see, stop, click, go.”

Then they presumably showed their friends the picture later: “Here’s something I passed. It was exactly interesting enough to take a photo to show to you, but not interesting enough for me to watch for even a second. I have no idea what it was, but I’ve got a picture of it.”

As for the unicycle thing: I’d love a cycle shirt with “My sport, not your cabaret” written on it.