Something in common with Kris Holm!

Well I can’t ride as good as him…but Kris, I just noticed that we have the same birthdate…to the day

July 15, 1973

spooky :astonished:


Well, happy 30th Zod and Kris! Does this mean you have to be adults now? :slight_smile:

if so I didn’t get the memo… :smiley:

I’m 3 years old–I refuse to tell how many times I have been 3.:smiley:

I really didn’t want to know that I’m that much older than Kris Holm, thank you!

Still, I’ve just realised I have something in common with the great man: both of us have forenames and surnames which begin with consonants.


that’s definatly something to be proud of! :smiley:

Today is my birthday and I have been three years old seventeen times.

check your belly,the memo is usally stuck to a sagging gut.

Wow, I am just 7 days shy of being 7 years older.:smiley:

Oh, and Happy Birthday Harper.

Happy Birthday Harper.

Zod, now that you mentioned it, I have discovered I have several things in common with Kris Holm.

  1. We are both Male
  2. We both ride unicycles
  3. We have two like letters in our first and last names
  4. We have both already celebrated our 30th birthdays
  5. We can both hop at least 2" off the ground on our unicycles
  6. Did I already mention we are both male.

OK, I’m struggling here. :smiley: --chirokid–

Your getting way to personal there Jagur. I’d appreciate you not making comments about the where abouts of my memos. :wink: --chirokid–

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:54:08 -0500, zod
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>July 15, 1973

Not counting a mere 2 days, you and Kris (each, not together) are exactly 20 years younger than

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Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

i thought this was going to be a ‘six degrees of kris holm’ kinda thread

was he ever in a movie with val kilmer?


Re: Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

umm, 6 degrees of Val Kilmer? Don’t you mean Kevin Bacon??

Re: Re: Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

do u watch WILL and GRACE?

so do i

i am thin!!!like him

Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

OK, now I am really freaked out, not only do we have the same birth date but I think we have the same college degree. I was watching the Riply’s video of Kris and it show him going to classes and he is going into the Geography Department.
So Kris, are you a Geog. Major like me as well (actually I am done with college B.S. in Geography/G.I.S. & Town Planning)???
It’s amazing that we share these things in common…I think I should just automatically be as good as you at riding, is that too much to ask??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

I believe he is a Prof. of Geography. I bet you have the same sign too!

Re: Re: Re: Something in common with Kris Holm!

now why would you ever think that??? :smiley:

Hey Zod, I know you will read this, so do you plan on going to Memphis. It sure would be an honor to ride with someone who shares their B-Day with KH.:smiley: