Something Different

You’re a crazy guy Brickman!

Really liked your “different” video.



P.S.: Try putting at least one hand on the front bumper/handle, it does help lot when riding offroad (power) and is a great exercise to keep in balance with the rest of your body (not only your arms).

Yeaaa, Git-R-Done Brickman!

I’m impressed :astonished: . Some serious strength skills going on there, yet a nice gentle hand for the horses.

I’m really happy that you all liked it. I have worked hard all my life to do things a bit out there to entertain people and get a what the … response. I have really busted myself good trying to do what everyone else is doing on the unicycle. I just ride within my limits and put my own “twist” on things. Wouldn’t you think that some of my fat would be burned off by now? Diet is the problem but what a blast it has been learning to ride the last 18 months. Weighing in about 260 and have actually gotten heavier since riding…but I will continue to work on getting healthier. Wish I could ride with the skill of you guys.

Please share the video if you think others might like.

shared!! i loved that

That’s something different and interest too. You re getting more and more better on unicycle. You could idling unicycle while do some bending/tearing stuffs someday. Juggler idling on unicycle so Strongman CAN idling on unicycle too. :slight_smile:

yep, working on that next. The sideways torque has me concerned but I’m going to try.

Great video, thanks for sharing it.

For me increasing my core strength really helped my riding (& slimmed my belly:)). I also tended to have scary UPDs when tired. Core endurance solved that. The best exercise for me was single leg lifts, worked up to 30 L, 30R, 30L, etc for thirty minutes w/ 10 lb per pair ankle weights. Once i could do that, I did the 30 min once weelky for maintenance. That way my legs always gave out before my core and fewer scary UPDs. Also I could ride more smoothly and engage the top pedal a bit sooner on climbs.

Trying to hold onto the handle all the time really helped. After a while I got used to it and could then take advantage of its benefits more (eg. keeping the uni straight on slippery surfaces and while climbing, as well as bumps). I switched hands when one got tired.

Dude, that is awesome! and nice pick on the music.

Looks like you are having fun.

Holding the handle might help with control on the trails but it’s hard to tear a phonebook in half with one hand on the saddle :stuck_out_tongue:

But when you hold onto the handle you train all those muscles in you upper body that you need to stay balanced, which helps doing other things than balancing with you arms later while riding or even idling.