someone up there likes me

possibly the scariest UPD i’ve had to date.
whilst playing hockey last night, there was fast paced attack
on their goal, two attackers (including me) and three in
defence. I bounced into a defending playing and UPD’ed
off the front, even as i was on my feet i was still off balance
stumbling backwards desparate not to trip over and land on
my Uni. I did mange to trip on my uni and fall backwards
but i was falling in a way as not to land on my uni, Phew!
But! During my stumbling Sarah managed to UPD sending
her uni to the exact spot spot which my arse, back, head
and elbows where on course for.

At this point i was, whilst in mid fall I was surprised at
how much imagination you can cunjour about the damage
a pedal could cause to your spine. This flight of fantasy was,
inevitably cut short by the combination of gravity and a
ballistic unicyclist.

As I looked up from my final resting place, to the sight of
concerned faces (most of my UPDs are met muffled laughter)
and a concerned chorus of “are you alright?”. I waited a
few seconds incase shock and adrenalin where masking
my agony… No pain, well no significant pain. the pedal
was nicely between my right arm and torso, a inch or two
below my armpit, the sadle cushioned my fall between
my shoulder blades.

A grin quikly spreads across my face as i get up, dust off
and get back into the game…

woo hoo

Time to buy a lottery ticket. :slight_smile:

Too late to buy a ticket, surely?

Re: someone up there likes me


did your team score the goal or not?

Narr, too many unicycles and bodies on the floor for a ball
to get through…

> and??!
>did your team score the goal or not?

u must get some pics up of your games

That’s one multi-talented uni! You’ve trained it well. Congratulations.