Someone teach this guy to ride uni trials... (jump height question)

I’ve read somewhere on here that the average person maxes out their sidehop on a unicycle around 20% higher than how high they can jump without it. According to that this guy should be able to jump around 168cm on a uni. Surely that’s immposible, so is the 20% rule completely wrong?

I have no idea about the 20% rule but I bet that guy has spent some time on a slack line.

you also couldn’t tuck your feet up as much with the unicycle under you

edit: That guy is also not “the average person”

I can jump well over 50% of my side hop without a uni. I think the rule should be 20% less?

You sure?

I’ve watched some biketrials vids where the riders actually tuck the wheel to the side of them, its kind of hard to explain, but their butt goes to one side of the wheel to let them tuck more. Maybe thats where uni trials needs to go, because once you tuck the wheel to your butt, your vertical up can only take you so far.

I think that 20% rule is talking about actual vertical, not how much you can tuck to get up objects. he’d still be able to jump pretty high if he learned to uni, though.