someone should make a unicycle out of soccer balls

That is probably THE coolest thing I’ve ever seen…

Woa!!! I wasn’t exspecting it to be like that. that is cool


awwsome that thing looks huge

the center is a snoflake

Who here doesn’t this that was the funniest subject line he could have possibly used for that picture!!

this thread is beautiful. five stars!

it looks more like a giant penny farthing coz of the thing poking out at teh back

Looks like it even has a brake in the front!

Quite ugly if you ask me. Is that Sheldon Brown at the top?

This is purely a guess, but if you have ever watched the Tour de France (long distance cycling race) a chap always appears by the roadside dressed as the devil, usually accompanied by a huge bicycle. I can’t imagine there are that many other people in the world who own both a devil costume and a huge bicycle, although it could just be a coincidence.

Yeah, your right, but I dont recall that TDF guy having as much of a beard as this guy. Maybe he grew it over the winter months! :astonished:

I am thinking that the picture might be from Germany, the words Deutschland on the forks and frame, and the colours of the German flag. That and the fact the soccer championships are in Germany this year.