Someone should make a side lift handle

If I ever got the necessary supplies I would. I have a hard time holding the seat while doing sif trials. That’s actually the deciding reason of why I don’t do sif as much as I would. Has anybody ever seen a home made one. Do you think it’d even be possible? Have you ever thought of making one?

a piece of plastic or rubber tubing is more than sufficient. slide it over the lip o the saddle to produce a nice curvey handle holder doofer.
only really needed for carbon fibre bases (the have much finer edges).
have you tried using a different saddle? Kh Fusion (the new low profile version) are nice for sif and same with the UDC or Koxx-one gel saddles

I’ve gone through a few saddles. My latest one being the udc (now nimbus) gel saddle and I don’t really like it either.

you can get sif trials grips on a scott wallis de-rail base. they work great…considering 98% of the time i’m riding with my seat out in front of me.

Can you tell me where to get one?

use the search. its in a thread somewhere…

Wallis Design muni page And more product info here
Just be aware that it’s going to be on the expensive side compared to other seats.

thanks john!

yeah, it’s a bit expensive, but worth it…i went through a regular seat, so i decided to go carbon, instead of going through more regular/stock seats.

yeah, i’d say that it’s worth every cent. i busted 2 kh saddles (one fusion, on standard) and then bought the CF. I’d get a scott wallis if it werent for the high shipping fees getting things to NZ

i think a viscount has a great feel seat out. but the wallis seat is probably much better.

If you are having trouble with a normal kh or fusion (fusion is easier to fix, then I would suggest taking some half inch tubing that is somewhat flexible, cutting about a 5-6 inch long strip and cutting down the middle so that it is now able to slip onto the seat base. Pull the cover up so that the base is visible and put the tube on over it. I would also suggest that you put something either inbetween the tube and the base or ontop of the tube as the tube by itself, although midly more comfy I find still gives my bruises.

I will probably post pics of how to do this later tonight if people want them.

for me the KH is really comfortable sif. maybe its just preferance?

do you hop SIF?

me too, but i do sif as very little as possible

I think a side handle would screw the balance way up, and be in the way when normaly riding.

You’re 14, so you probably have small hands. Try a viscount seat, and if that doesn’t work just wait until you grow more?

well I’m 12 and have smaller hands than one of my 8 year old neighbors…

I hop sif quite alot.

Post the pictures. I want 'em.

Whoever told me I probably had small hands, I have been told I have huge hands by my classmates and parents. I have bigger hands than alot of older kids.

tiny hands here… i have trouble clamping my hansd around a fat velo seat

lol we should make a forum for people with small hands:)

or we could not and say we did:p

edit: wow this thread has gotten off topic…

I dont see how this would be a bad idea, have you seen freestlye\flatland bike seats? for bikes, they have groves cut out and rounded out for where you would put your hand for tricks, just aplply that to the side of a unicycle seat.