Someone please... just look ok.

Can someone tell me if the price of this unicycle is in American dollars or Australian dollars?

I’m thinking that this is a pretty stupid question but I’m not sure…

it’s an American site, therefore American pricing, simple as.

It’s definitely american because it says “Click here for International Shipping Info Outside USA” :smiley: :smiley:

When I have a shop, I’m gonna list my prices in American dollars, charge in Kuwaiti dinars and give change in Chinese yuans. All exchange rates 1:1.

Shop at Ivan’s!

Would i get discounted stuff like unicycles and diabolo?? :smiley: :smiley:

Sure. By getting a discount you will automatically be signed up to me sending you stuff you never asked for every once in a while(and will be charged in Kuwaiti dinars for it).

okay then thanks ppl… i knew it was a stupid question

okay you can let this thread die now.

I can’t believe the Renegade people built their web site in frames. Don’t they realize this makes it impossible for people to share links to products? Aargh.

Their website design is straight out of '95.