Someone please help me overcome my fears

Lately I’ve been scared of doing simple things… new, but simple.

For example just riding down 4 stairs, I can do 3 stairs easy but 4 just seams to stop me in my tracks.

I dont know whats wrong with me, so I need some tips on confidence.

Anyone got some ideas???

Yes, i have the same issue i think, with stairs…
Today was the first time since doing a 4 set i had had the chance to try another set, the ones i originally did were onto grass, i think this is what is stopping me (the whole ‘concrete’ thing).
OK, it may have just been i wasnt in the mood to uni today, but i will see when i get my 661s.
What protection do you wear? I honestly feel more confident when wearing as much protective gear as possible.

well with my gloves and leg guards (661 veggie wraps) i think to myself, well if i stuff it up i wont hurt my legs or kill my hands. and i will not be in fear of putting my hands down to save my head seeing i have me gloves on, so i just go for it.

also remember some advice that is with all posts kevin makes, ‘you wont get hurt if you land it’ so just tell yourself that you are going to do it and not crash and do it, you must think about what you are about to do, but dont do what most people do and think about it too much.

think about what you need to do in order to land it then do it. if you think about it for longer than that you will begin to think of all the downsides and eventually talk yourself out of it.

A motorcycle suit

You are 3 steps ahead of me. IMHO fear of hurt can cause some stress. I wish it was cooler where I lived. Imagine how it would feel in a full on road racers 150 mph suit! Just go for it !:smiley:
Really though, if armor doesn’t help you relax, maybe you are pushing to fast. Heed that inner warning. Maybe there is other simpler stuff your gut wants you to learn first.
An old racer told me that the fastest way to get fast is to never ride faster then you can. Broken bones have slowed the greats much more then fear ever could. :sunglasses:

i wear helmet and gloves… thats my protection gear but the 661’s are coming soon too.

I think my problem with landing stuff like this is exactly what BYZA DOG said… i think about too many things, then eventually talk myself out of it. On the way there I’m thinking I’m gunna do it this time… its easy, ill just do it but when i get there, i roll up to and and go Whoa! NO way… its really annoying because i really want to do it but something just pulls me back everytime.

I have injured myself a few times and i think this may be why im scared.

Ive fractured my wrist when i was a newbie riding down a 3 set, skinned my knee pretty deep countless times and the bruises are just a common thing now (Ive nearly completely covered my legs in them)

So maybe my memory of pain is holding me back i really don’t know but i think the 661’s will help when i get them.


Just shutup and uni :stuck_out_tongue:

I just try to visualise it for a few seconds and then go for it. If you find yourself just standing on top of a stairset, thinking about how you wanna ride down it and how much you’re afraid, but there is nothing to be afraid of, but you’re still thinking about it, blah blah blah, yada yada yada… Just go away, do something completely different, take your mind off it and come back in ten minutes. Then just go for it. You might feel fear gathering in your chest, just ignore it and roll on.

And remember to always stay alert. If you’re falling, react to it, adjust yourself, don’t just fall down. Right now it’s too hot for me to wear any protection, I ride all the time, I do trials, flatland, skinnies on round railings, unispins, etc. All I’ve got to show for it are a few small pedal-bites on my shins. Learn how to fall properly. Edit: I’m not saying give up your protection. Protection is very important. But what’s much more important is how you behave.

You can also sometimes get these mental blocks for small things. Like, for instance, I couldn’t unispin off a curb. I just couldn’t jump and spin the uni. No matter what I did, something always stopped me. So, I just imagined that there wasn’t a curb and the pavement extended unto the road. I landed it the third try.

Try to be creative about your mental blocks, don’t fight them, try to find a way around them.

I have no stairs to try haha

I have mental blocks about a few things. I still try them but I just never commit to the trick and I land on my feet. It really pisses me off sometimes. So I just try it like 50 times in a row untill I can finally just go for it and once I commit to something new once, it is easy to do it again.

If it is something scary thats stopping you, just turn your brain off and do it. After you try it once, It is be easier every time.

sucks indeed

i fell pretty bad on my back going down a 4 set (i was told “go down slower this time!” and i listened to them as i was just going off the first stair) and busted my ass for a week, since then riding down stairs has been quite daunting indeed, though hooping down isn’t a problem.

yea it feels much bigger, what i did is have a competition with an old uni rider who moved, and we would go down one stair 2 then three, and it took me a while, but you have to force your self to go all of a sudden, and it turns out, that after you go down once, you find out how easy it is, though it looks big.
same thing with crankflipping it, looks big, after getting the confidence to try once, then you find out it isnt to hard.

Your mum told you you can’t do the 5 set onto pavement or you’ll hurt yourself. That should alleviate your apprehension.

oh…yea then your dead…go find some stairs around grass, like at a school or somethin.

I say when you get to a stair set that you can’t do. Ride up to it and look at it and then close your eyes and see yourself conquering it. That will build up your confidence like it did mine. :smiley: Trust me it works, there’s nothing to be afraid of my friend. Everything is hard at first, but when you do it. It becomes a little easier. :smiley: :smiley:

Pull open eyelid. Insert cocaine.

Your good.

Assume you will get hurt and be okay with it.

jack if you just stop grabbing the rail ever time you ride up then your won’t have a problem. I did it on my first go, if it helps just think that your going to jump the 4 stair.

p.s. how is the 4 stair hard if you can ride down the 5 nah jks i know that the 5 stairs has smaller steps…

cya on Monday - Evan


get really really angry,listen to some heavy pumping music and go for it,anger makes all regard for safety fly out the window so does excitemen but anger is better

then go for it!

Would you ride down a hill? Probably without a second thought. Well, stairs are nothing more than a bumpy hill…nothing to worry about. Just go for it. Keep peddling, hold on to your seat, and have fun!!!

well when im afraid of doing something, like i usted to be scared of this 20 or so stair but instead of analysing it i just went for it and really, its not that bad. if you just go for it without thinking youll eventually get over it. also, being all padded up can make you feel invinsible.