Someone Help Please

hi guys, i was hangin at the local bike shop today putting together bikes just for fun, and some dude comes in to pick up a bike that i put together, while hes waitin for the finishing stuff he says"i gotta unicycle out in the truck that i dont want, u want it??" jason, the bike owner said sure, he brought it in, and jason said i could have it, i messed round on it, and i realize that this could be some fun, so what kinda unicycle should i get? i realize that i just got one today, but its perdy shot, its an old old oxford, so what u think i should get guys??


i’d recommend one of these for a beginner such as yourself:

just kidding. actually i’d say recommend like a torker, but definitely not a savage. Savages are cheap, but the seat is so uncomfortable that you will simply not want to ride. As long as you’re feeling comfy, you’ll want to ride. I think you can get suns and stuff for only 50 or 60 bucks. dont go out and buy something expensive till you know you really enjoy unicycling. Also, i’d probably get a 20" if you’re just gonna do casual riding, and a 24" if you plan on going any significant distance on the uni. (24" is a bit harder to learn on, but much faster)

hope this helps,


For my money, Torkers give the best bang for the buck when it comes to beginners. Just make sure it’s Black and not Chrome.

Nimbus is another good brand for beginners if you don’t mind spending a bit more.



What part of Iowa are you from???

Mojoe… in northern Iowa

im from spencer, north west iowa

Way cool… I’m in Osage, a couple hours East of Spencer.


How about Stuart, Panora(Lake Panorama) or Jefferson? All west of Des Moine.