Someone had to do it, so here it goes: 32er

$199 plus tax, Josh at UDC is splitting it with me, he’s putting his on a rare chromoly KH 36er frame and a KH Ti Hub, mine is going on an Oregon hub and a Nimbus Impulse.

I can’t say much about who makes the tire, rim, and hub, but the brand is Excel out of China. The balance of the cruiser is going to Goodwill :slight_smile:

Tire is directional, 32 x 2.125, tube is 32", 1400gm, it has an unbroken centerline with knobbies on the edges, multisurface tread pattern, but nothing to write home about, tire seems well made.
Tube is 250gm, Schrader vlave.

Rim is double walled, 48 holes, no eyelets, painted black semi gloss, aluminum, 800gm. The rim has minimal bead hook, kinda rounded, not as well made as the Stealth 2, but for a cheapy it’s decent quality.

Wheel build with some skipped holes, but it’s not a significant problem going from 48 to 36. I’ll probably go tubeless, though I’m hesitant since there’s a chance that the tire will not tolerate the tubeless fluid.

Build and ride details to follow…

Cool! Are you reusing the spokes or having 36er spokes cut down and rethreaded?

Cool! Any foreseen issues with spoke length?

This just made life harder!!! Right now I have to decide whether to take my 29 or my 36… and now I have to decide wheather or not I should buy a 32er!!

Decisions, decisions!! :slight_smile:

At last Olympic games, they said on French TV that for MTB men race, some were riding 26, some 29 and some 27.5" ! I had never heard about 27.5" wheel size :astonished: What about 27.5 Munis ?

700c = 29"
650c = 27.5"

The 32" is the missing link (20, 24, 29, ??, 36), there has been discussion of this size, but until now there was nothing available. It’s funny that Walmart and Kent bikes were the first. Funnier yet, I rode the 32" Super Cruiser before breaking down the wheels, and it rode AWFUL! I expect that they will be a short lived product, so look for them to be on sale in the next month or two…

[QUOTE=Wheel build with some skipped holes, but it’s not a significant problem going from 48 to 36. [/QUOTE]

UDC have 48 hole hubs which are pretty cheap… why not just get a new hub?

Ha, looking forward to the build!
I would also get a qu-ax 48 hole hub for it.
Keep us updated!

I ride a Nimbus Impulse 36er Disc frame with an Oregon hub, it’s 36h.

Josh was saying that he’ll probably build his on a 48h hub to save time.

Oh I need one :smiley:

So any updates on the wheel Ben?

I restarted the thread on the main page to get more views: The Missing Link: A 32" unicycle, a' la Walmart and UDC

It rides pretty well, better than expected, my only wish is that it would be a little taller to truly bridge the gap between the 29" and 36" wheels.

I am hopeful that someone will bring a true 32" to market, probably not the bikers, maybe UDC?