Someone doesn't want me riding

I’ve had my unicycle for about 3 months now. In that time:

The cranks wouldn’t stay on so I had to get new ones (it took just over a week to get)
Then the wheel needed to be trued because it was horribly bend (in the shop for 4 days)
Then my air pump broke and my tire went flat (it was 2 weeks before I could get a new one)
And just recently the seat post clamp bolt wouldn’t hold my seat. I ordered a new clamp from, found out it was welded on (which I learned could be fixed so that’s not really a problem), then I got a new bolt which broke the next day.

Should I just stop riding or get a better unicycle?

Geeez. That’s a lot of bad stuff. Pick a four leafed clover, and order a new unicycle.

What kinda uni do you got?


Ps. Never stop uniing!

Torker CX

Sounds just like me, i just keep having to pour money into my uni. It gets extremely frustrating! Things keep breaking!

Is it just breaking or are you riding too hard?


Torker CX

Yes, the Torker CX will break. New cranks, new rim, and so forth are just fingers in a dike. Something else will just break until you prove your committment to the sport and get a real trials or MUni set-up, preferably with splined cranks. So be patient, ride gently and save your dough until you can upgrade. That’s what I had to do,(6 times over) and I haven’t looked back:D

Even if I do ride too hard it would be nice to have a uni that could keep up with me.:wink:

Well I have 52 bucks from birthday money and I just rolled 97 bucks worth of coins. If I save my allowance and spend only the minimal amount all summer I’ll have about 300 American dollars.

I can buy a pretty decent uni in any category for that can’t I?

Saaay, I just thought of something…
If you have a Torker CX, and you continuously upgrade parts, like get new pedals, then new cranks, then a new tire, etc.
So eventually, you’ve replaced every part at least once. That means that none of the pieces are from the original unicycle. So, is this unicycle you have still the same unicycle you started with? Or is this a new unicycle altogether?

I’ve only replaced the cranks, and they were just spare CX cranks. So it’s still a Torker CX.

New Uni

You can get an OK uni for 300USD but realistically your buying potential is much greater. According to your profile you recently turned 16 which means you’re more than old enough to hold a job. Now I know you’re probably busy, but working fifteen hours a week from now until the end of the summer (even at a low paying job) will will drastically affect the quality of your next uni.
Just something to think about.

Let me guess. You don’t own a car? :smiley:

My first unicycle (Troxel) was unable to hold up to the strain of a person actually riding it. I do not know for sure if this type of stress was considered in the design of the thing. It was three years before I got my hands on another one.

If treated well, even a cheap unicycle like a Torker should hold up for quite a while (assuming you’re not learning heavy duty Trials, etc. The problem is, learning to treat it properly sometimes only happens after you’ve stripped some threads, squashed some seat posts, etc.

Get a dedicated Trials machine if that’s what you’re doing. Go splined, and the rest of the parts on the cycle should survive you much better.

Re: New Uni

I plan to do that. Blockbuster usually hires anything with eyes. And Baskin Robbins pays 7.50 starting wage and has the same policy. I ought to be set. I’ll come back here when I’m financially ready.