Someday soon my ship will come in...

Today in fact:D

The ship with all my stuff I sent from the UK is due to dock in Fremantle today. I just need to wait for it all to clear customs (no idea how long that will be). This means I’ve got an early Christmas this year with all that unpacking and unwrapping to do. Sure, I know what’s in all the packages, but just wait until I get to that unicycle shaped one:)

Have fun!


Wheeeeeee! Look what my ship just brought in today. :slight_smile:

I just got the wheel back from the wheel builder about 3 hours ago. The shop has a lot of character as you may be able to tell from the photo. Bikes hanging from the ceiling along with all sorts of bikes in the shop including single speeds, fixed gears, trikes, recumbents, cargo bikes, etc. He did a good job of building the wheel. The frame is a GB4 36" by George Barnes, wide hub by The Unicycle Factory, spokes by The Unicycle Factory. I’ll put the tire, cranks, pedals, seatpost, and seat on tonight but right now I’m busy drinking some celebratory beer that I picked up on the way home(Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Yummm). I’m also a little preoccupied with reading the forum. I hope I get around to building the unicycle up so I can ride it tomorrow. A Magura brake will be added later.

Is that the Bikesmith shop?? That should be a cool 36er. I love my GB4 29er frame.


Yes, it’s The Bikesmith in Wallingford (a neighborhood in Seattle). The gentleman in the picture is Val (Mr. Bikesmith). The Bikesmith’s claim to fame is modifiying three speed hubs into two speed shiftable fixed gear hubs. Way cool.

How did you know it was The Bikesmith?