Some Wheel Questions.

Resently i have been trying to see how fast i can go on a bc wheel. Right now I am riding a Alex rim/Oddessey hazzard hub/Fireball tire. As my speed increases as i get a wobbble to my wheel, its nothing too big, but the faster I go the more pronounced it gets. At my max speeds it has actuly caused me to get tire burns on my leg. I’m not very good at truing wheels, infact I dont really know how do properly, i just did what seemed right, i got the wheel down to maybe 1-2 mm of rim wobble, i cant seem to get it any straighter than that. Does anyone out there have any good(how should i say this…) Techniques to true a wheel really straight? I also noticed that my tire has some wobby in it also, more than the rim so that must mena my tire is off set, or just not made perfect, If i inflate it to a higher psi wil it straighten out maybe? Hmm…Yeah, any ideas on how to get my wheel not to wobble at high speeds?

Read this for anything wheelbuilding related (and I mean really read it, don’t just skim through it) - .

As for the tyre, there are really two scenarios as far as I know; either it’s not sitting properly in the bead, or it’s simply not a true tyre (my Gazz is not true). Let’s hope it’s the first one, in which case I’d suggest you completely deflate it, line the parts of it that is to be in contact with the rim with talcum powder, then over-inflate it if it doesn’t automatically sit in the right spot upon re-inflation. The powder will reduce the friction between rim and tyre. With some tyres you’ll actually hear a nice loud “pop”, but others are less obvious.

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