Some Vids-Uni,Bike, and Mototrials

I dont know how many people have eengodideee e but if you do heres some videos to check out…
Backwards grind—
Tennessee Bike and motorcycle trials--
Tell me what you think, i can post more…

Really good. I loved the bike and moto trials, was that you? You might be interested in the speed trials video I posted a week or so ago, it has uni, bike, and moto trials. That great line in that video where the rider (you?) rolls along the log then gaps to the perpendicular log reminded me of a line in the video I mentioned before.


Awesome, nice grind and some crazy non-uni riding. Now go and upload it to the gallery so people won’t have to sign up to download the files.

Ya could someone host it somewhere else?

Ya its all of me. I downloaded the speedtrials video, pretty cool! I wish there was one of those around here.
Ive tried the gallery but it doesnt work.