Some unicycle footage on Ecko TV


About 6 months ago I met with some people at Ecko Unlimited and began a short sponsorship deal which included provided them with some footage for a new TV show.

Recently they began EckoTV. They’ve put up TV’s in 300 Macy’s stores that run episodes of the show. There are short unicycle clips in Episode 1 and 2 of Ecko TV. The first episode takes clips from U2 and Defect and the 2nd episode contains all original clips. If your out at the mall in the Ecko section you might catch a glimpse of some riding.

It looks like they’ve also put stuff online. This video was never intended to be shown to the public (it was used as part of a demo tape) and is not what they show in their TV show. I’m not sure why it ended up on their website, as opposed to their show segments.

However, just like all the other video stuff that has gotten around on the internet without consent, there isn’t much I can do about it. So here ya go:

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That’s really cool, it’s good to see you’re still riding:D

It’s definatly really cool to see, but I don’t like how they posted it without your consent, it seems like alot of your hard work has been put on the net, fortunatly alot has been taken down, but its still too bad that it was put up there in the first place, because it means that a unicyclist has gone against another.

So, Dan, is that you riding on Ruston Way in Tacoma? I live about a mile from there and ride there all the time! I guess I am not the only one!

BTW, that was a very cool shot with Mt Rainer in the background.

I never noticed that was Mt. Rainer. Thats is awesome. =p

Ive unicycled on that mountain.:smiley:

hey that was sick. dan i really love how u get unicycling out there for other people to see as somthing sweet that is more then a thing to make fun of or just for the circus. keep it up
later jon

Lol I would say the same thing, but this vid is all from U2 and Defect…Yet it is still impressive to watch, Dan you were way ahead of the game!! People are finally just starting to catch up to his greatness!