Some Ultimate Wheel tricks

Some good tricks on my 28" UW

Sorry for the bad quality, it was my old digitalcam
Hope you enjoy it

some nice tricks in this :slight_smile:

nice…they take such unbelieveable stamina to ride.

and thats totally awesome that you have some spot on a roof to uni on lol.

they look so hard to ride normally, yet alone do tricks. But people say that about normal unicycles too so maybe it gets easier lol. I like how after the fall at the end you just hurriedly walked off :smiley:

that was pretty cool though, well done. must ache so much though after a long time of riding.

That was cool :slight_smile:

That’s insane!

I can’t imagine UWing.

Question, is an Ultimate Wheel easier to ride than a unicycle with no frame?

:astonished: waaaaooooowwww

noooo, uni with no frame is wayyyy harder.

I haven’t put much effort into my uw, i can maybe get to the end of my driveway 50% of the time…but i put an equal amount of effort into a uni with no frame and got nowhere at all. just hanging on for dear life off the side of a car not even able to pedal 1 inch lol…however im sure its still possible to eventually learn.

I rode in the video on the university of Regensburg. At the weekend are no students there. And there are many places to have fun with the uni.

UW riding is much easier than unicycling without frame and riding drag seat.

Haha, I tried a 28" UW and I only did like 2 revs. I guess if I tried more I could’ve ride it longer that 2 revs. That was a cool vid.

Great vid!

I should get me one of those corntraptions. :sunglasses:

Hello Dida,

Thanks for watching my Ultimate Wheel video Ultimate Wheel Tricks Compilation! I enjoyed watching your tricks. You are getting very good at the UW. Keep it up!

Anthony Soumiatin