some Ultimate Wheel photos!

here are some video stills. tell me what you think

one more

That’s so awesome… I can’t even ride one. Is it hard to keep your feet on the pedals when you MUni?

are those stills from your video you mentioned months ago. if so, is it ready for sale?

Fantastic - can’t wait to see the video!


Amazing! How often does the wheel rub against your legs?


thanks guys.

well…i wear those boots, which help keep me locked into the pedels…(theyre wide, heavy, and have heels) and i wear shin pads because the wheel does rub quite abit…especially going downhill.

looks like you also have those little things on the outside of the pedals to keep your feet from shooting off the side.

George sent me a picture of his UW bout 2 years ago and it had those. they were color coded to show the left and right pedal. i think red and green. thats what his letter said anyhow. i can see what looks like one of those hanging below your pedal in the 3rd pic up top.

oh yea, you’re quite right.

here’s a closer look:

man thats crazy!Btw do you have a frame for that wheel?