...some trial pictures


here are some new trial pictures from germany:


god bless

Those are some good pictures. Just wondering though, what happened after you jumped off that roof into the snow (if it was you).

Hey, Felix!

Great pics! I always look forward to your posts.

In the park bench picture, in which you have brought rubber to the back of the bench, did you hop off directly- or did you manage to ride the length of the bench?


hmmmm…after the jump into the snow I didn’t rode further…:wink:
It’s very hard to make a good landing when the roof is so slippery and snowy.
I hopped off directly from the park bench. But it’s a good idea to try out to ride the length of the bench, thanks.

I’ve post the pictures to show you that unitrial is in germany too :sunglasses:

greetings from there

god bless

definately some awesome pictures.
i hope to get some good pictures of my vacation this summer

hey, it would be very cool to see some trial pictures from florida :slight_smile:


god bless

I’ll definately try and get some Florida trials pictures. There are a few good riding spots around here. My friend John and I ride at a few different parks, and there’s this awesome fountain surronded by layered concrete that would make for a nice 4 pedal grab. Something similiar to the one in lutkus’s video. I’ll try and get some pics ASAP.

those were really nice. Looking foward to the next bunch no doubt.
-David Kaplan