Some tips will be good !!!

Hello everyone !!!

I got a Unicycle at Christmas and since then I felt Inlove !!!

After a couple of weeks of riding a silly 16" I’v maneged to buy 2 Unicycles a Nimbus20" and a Onza 24". Now I’m riding for 2 months and I love it !!!

I’m riding over rough ground and I need to learn How ?? to jump (long jump) ??

Please any advice will be great !!!

A Big Hello to Simon and Steve who helped me at the Duke club !!!

The review section is for reviews. Please keep questions in the main section, RSU. You will get lots more help in there.

Wow, only riding 2 weeks and you bought an Onza 24’’ Muni, very nice. I’m impressed with your urge to splurge. Tips however, when it come to jumping forwards is very difficult. Forwards long jump is very akward at first. Basically just launch your body forward and then pull the unicycle ahead of your. Look at some videos in the gallery.