Some tips, anyone?

I need peoples advice…

im on my way to landing a 180 uni spin (well im more on my way to starting) and i need some tips on how i should go about this.

I have been riding for about 5 weeks and most of you would probably say forget about it but… i can ride down 3 stairs, jump down 2 stairs, hop on the spot, nearly do a 180 hop twist and some other random stuff not worth typing.

So on my way to landing a 180 unispin… what should i learn to do next?

I can nearly ride seat out, i can’t ride backwards at all and i can also jump on the spot with seat out.

That should be about enough information for you to help me

people are gonna get mighty angry at you for not searching…

uhh not you again… jks

why wont they just help me? jeeze they get more posts and i get helped

whats the big deal?

Yeah it can bother some people.

Air jumps, big on this my friend. Learn to hop very well seat out in front, able to get up curbs, and what not. Hoping in place with ease also. Then learn to do it with your hands on the same side of the seat. So it’s like you are going to unispin. Then jump off the uni with your feet, but don’t twist the uni at all. Land back on the pedals. Until you get comfortable with this, dont’ try unispins. It will probably only hurt. This is a safer route. Once you get good at arials (the better you are, the better it will be) the unispin won’t be a problem. Just jump up and off like you’ve been practicing, and twist the unispin under you. Your feet will come back to the same place as they did with those jumps, just now the uni will be backwards. Land and hop, it won’t be hard if you know arials well. Good luck

-Shaun Johanneson

if you shut up and uni you’ll find somthing to do. (e.g. trials lines) :slight_smile:

Thanks Shaun… i have now learnt that everyones main problem is getting their feet back on the uni

and i also learnt that it hurts if you try to hard to do something you cant quite do yet…

well ill practise jumping and landing without twisting it just to get a bit more stable then ill go for the spin :wink:

I’m gona remember that one