Some sweet unicycling:}

I’ve been unicycling for 3 years i’ve got a web sight
And i’m rilly good at unicycling,

Who are you to say?

Pictures suck, I wanna see some videos.


The videos are right there on his home page, check them out:)

Good job Taylor!!!

Nice riding, Taylor.

Were those videos shot in Vermont? It sure looks like it.

Yes some of them were taken in Vermont

the only thing i would work on is not riding so sloppy, and at least looking like you have more control

I didn’t think it was that impressive…

I second that

Come on guys, lets cut him some slack, In his town, or even county, he is probably exeptionaly good, but he gots to realize he is speaking to a world community, and nothing is is really apluauded but the absalute, newest, and best. Of this ever evolving sport.

I will join you gentlmen (And women) in the forfront of unicycling, soon enough!

Yeah Cyber, and I’m the Kris Holm of my town, all very impressive :wink: You can’t just say “HI, IM REALLY GOOD LOOK AT MY VIDEOS” and expect people to say “Awsome dude” while you’re actually not that good…

I’ve just watched film of a person about 1/4 my age (give or take) doing stuff that I can’t do after 18 years of unicycling. He may not be the best in the world, but he looks like he’s having fun. I wouldn’t choose to do that sort of riding, but I can see that it appeals to some.

I’m appalled that so many of the responses to this thread have been negative or downright hostile.

This is a sport we all do for our own enjoyment, and we get excited about it, and we want to share that excitement. If every time I posted a story about one of my rides, someone else simply replied that they could ride further and faster, I would not only stop posting stories, but I’d probably give up the forum as a bad job. This is meant to be a friendly space for all of us to share our love of our sport.

And we all know that there are some “elite” unicyclists (and some self-appointed elite, too, no doubt) but in any sport, the majority of people are not elite. That doesn’t make what they’re doing any less valid.

Give the lad a break.

Thanks I’ll rember that :roll_eyes:

Okay then


Any negative replies and I’ll waste you.

Actually I disagree, and not in the way you would think, there are alot of very GOOD unicyclist, but I’d probably say only one or two elite unicylist, if any. We just don’t have the masses working at this sport. You see a sport like skateboarding, what people thought was elite, ten years ago is considered nothing now. I’m looking at some of these kids that are like thirteen and fourteen, and are devoloping in unicycling so incredibly quickly, and it makes me exited for the future, its all a state of mind with these kids, when they see us dooing grinds, hops, spins, it makes them think ridding is easy, (Because we make it look easy) And then they progress very quickly.

I just can’t wait until we get our Tony Hawk, or Tiger woods. You’ll know it when it happens, and the bar will be set much higher, and all of you so called ‘l33t’ unicyclist out there will be put to shame.

By definition, the elite can only be a few. I deliberately used a truism to make the point that the majority of us have no pretensions to be right at the top, but our enjoyment of the sport, and our excitement at our own achievements, is still valid, and should not be derided.

As for how the sport develops: from a purely selfish point of view, it makes no difference to me whether there are 10 riders or 10,000 who can backwards grind the handrail of a lighthouse staircase, or land a drop from Beachy Head. If the sport gets popular, the cost of equipment ought to go down, but experience in other equipment intensive sports shows that this doesn’t happen. Instead, the market sells overdesigned overpriced fashion products to the ignorant, and the genuine enthusiast may find himself priced out of the market.

But that’s a different debate, and I respect anyone’s right to disagree with me.

Let’s just make new posters in this forum welcome, and respect every rider’s achievements for what they are. And make allowances for age - a claim that would be arrogant from me would be merely gauche from a teenager, and should be seen as charming from a child.

If he feels good, then he is; at least to him.
Well done.
(You look pretty terrific to me too)


no offence mate but you are a bit crap for 3 years im gliding (more learning but not bad at it) and i have only been riding for bout 14 months. and isnt that rim/wheel a bit week for jumps nd stuff

On the other hand, we have no evidence that he is ill mannered.

But you don’t claim to be rilly good.