Some suggestions please

ok so im thinking about getting a new unicycle. i went riding today and bent my axle. the local bike shop said $80 to fix/new one. But i figure im just gunna bend it again and want something beefier. Any suggestions.
oh and im looking to do trials, big drops and maybe some Muni.
Current unicycle Torker AX.

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A new cotterless hub costs $25… the rest of the cost, presumably, comes in the wheel build.

If you’re adventurous, you might try rebuilding the wheel yourself. You’d definitely learn a lot!

Of course, the $25 hub won’t stand for much trials or muni. You’d best look into getting a splined hub… they’re more expensive, but they’ll last much, much longer than any cotterless hub.

Good luck! Let us know how things work out.

The Torker DX is a option they have them here at The Unicycle Shop

The Torker DX won’t break, but it is kind of heavy. If you want to do trials, that implies some big hops - which will be aided by a lighter uni.

24" tires seem most common on MUnis, but 20" is preferred for trials. So what do you really want to do? That being said, I see more 20" uni’s doing Muni than I see 24" uni’s doing trials. The 24"ers are kind of big to be throwing around trials-fashion.

Nimbus, Qu-AX and Onza (all available from UDC) make some great trials/MUni product. And, of course, for even more $$$ you can get a KH. I ride a 24" Onza for MUni and I LOVE it (granted my uni exceeds my limited ability to use it! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Good luck!

In order from strongest to least strong for the least amount of money.

Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH Moment cranks=$300ish (a LOT stronger than the DX and Qu-Ax Crossfire, strength is comparable to a Kris Holm)

Qu-Ax Crossfire 1400 ties with Torker DX=$250-$280ish

Best Choice: Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH Moment cranks.

wow thanks for the suggestions,
got some good news from the local bike shop the wheel is under warranty so i get a new wheel for FREE hooray.
However i think im selling it and buying a stronger uni.
how strong are most MUnis compared to most trials unis?

Azvwbug you wouldnt happen to drive a baja bug would you, anyway check out cool forum

theoretically trials wheels are stronger, just because they’re smaller. The thing is, trials on a 24" is ok, muni on a 20" is pretty crap, they just don’t roll over stuff, and are very slow, and prone to pedal strike.