Some street in Danbury Connecticut

Heres a video that me and my freind made a little while ago.

My computer is stupid, so I can only watch a little bit. But from what I saw:

Crankflip down the two was nice
That in-in 180 sidespin was crazy :astonished: . If you pause halfway through it looks like it would be impossible to land.

Nice video. I’m envious of your friend, his unicycle is beautiful.

Nice ridng.

nice video;)

Nice video, really likked it! The 180 sidespin was sick to watch, and some nice double flips!

Gettin’ good, guys.

Has anyone ever done a side (air wrap or whatever) with a hopetwist?

If I get what you mean, then yes, I did. I did a Big Sidespin (but I don’t think that’s what you mean) and I did a 180 with a Sidejump.

The video was pretty cool, and the Out Sidespin was completly sick ! Oh and one last thing, you shouldn’t have learnt 2 handed doubles, you will have a hard time going back to one handed. :o But good job anyways !

good stuff! we should ride sometime this summer. you guys have way more street tricks than me but i think we’d have fun!

awesome!! i think you’re two guys to watch out for down the road!!

Excellent video, and a great choice of music. Thanks!