some street footage

we made a short video at Saturday:

hope you enjoy it
pleas comment:D


That is an awesome video! the five spins and those footplants were awesome. Great job, the editing was sick. I liked everything.

thanks we thougt about the footplants the day befor and i look to do them about bigger obstacles;):smiley:

Awesome little vid. The second 540 was reeeeally nice.

But if I were you I would have just choosen one of those footplants for the vid :stuck_out_tongue: cool though, I do like a good footplant.

Thx for those nice comments;)

That was cool. 540s were nice

Really cool vid.

Loved the 540s and the footplant tricks. I want to try some of those now.

I do cavemans (cavemen?) all the time. And I know that sounded really homosexual, and someone is going to quote this or something, but its cool how you used them.

The vid was pretty entertaining.

cavemen/acid drops were pretty cool the way you worked them into what you were doing.

if i would only have taken one footplant i wouldn’t have been able to make a vid ;):smiley:

yea i thought about them at friday and did them the next day.
i look what i can make with them maybe there will be some awesome lines possible.

thanks for all your comments