Some sorta sponsorship

I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to get sponsorship. I looked on 661 but I didn’t know how to get us Canadian boys on there. So does anyone know? Kenda didn’t want a unicyclist LOL they said I was good but wouldn’t get enough promotion. Anyways if anyone has an idea pleas post.

Go there, sign up, and you’ll have thousands of companies that you can apply for. Think of it as the myspace of sports, except, way better than myspace, cause it will actually help you.

Goodluck getting a sponsorship.

Thanks man!

Your welcome.

Try to get sponsor that will help you the most, and you’ll help them the most. Food companies are great, like energy bars, cause you can get discounts on those when you buy them, and then tell everyone how good and great they are when your riding. Camelbak could be a good option, always ride with it and spread how good they are to keep you dehydrated.

Just try to keep the company happy, and they will keep you happy.

Lol, shouldn’t it be hydrated :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, yeah, thats what i meant:o

How hard was it getting on camelback? My mom dosn’t want me on sponsorhouse. I’ll give camel back a try and then look for some food bar thingy.