some sort of strain in side?

I’ve been trying to increase my hop height like every day for 2 weeks now. So I uni like 3 hrs a day just hopping…but sunday I started to develop what felt like side stitches…like what you get when you run really hard and run out of breath and you get a sharp pain in your side. Usually those go away quick…but for 3 days now they have remained. I think it’s some kind of pulled muscle. It really barely bothers me…although i woke up a few times last night and I had to switch positions because of the minor pain.

but…when i sif hop to the side that’s when it hurts… I think I made a mistake yesterday…It was hurting a bit and I wanted to practice so I just took some ibuprofen and once I got warmed up and all it wasn’t hurting at all, and I almost got my biggest hop height ever…of course afterwards it started hurting again… Right now the pain is minor, but i’m going to avoid hopping. Any other activities on the unicycle don’t bother it at all, even drops and skinnies.

I did some reading up on it and they say you should rest…but not rest too much because the muscles will weaken further. So the question is…since it doesn’t bother me with anything but hopping, should I still just continue to uni like normal but avoid hopping?

Has anyone else developed some strain in their mid section from hopping too much?

unfortunately the doc isn’t an option. no medical insurance/enough money. if the pain becomes unbearable(which it most likely won’t) i’ll of course go, but definitely not right now.

oh also, yesterday I began learning to hop to my blind side. which didn’t hurt it at all while i was doing that…so do you think it’d be ok to continue trying to hop to my blind side(left) as long as it creates no pain in my right side?

oh and this pain is in my right side and i hop to the right.

Id say its how you kinda wrench your shoulder up on your double prehops.Try to relax more.3 hours a day of just hopping is absolutely insane.No wonder its hurting

hahah yeah i know, it’s just hard to stop when my heights are increasing.

but today i only rode the low skinny for 30 mins and didn’t have any pain, no hops at all. and i’ve decided to take a 2-3 day break entirely from unicycling…i’ve had a 1 day max. break in like 2 months.

breaks are bad. You cant give in. That means they win! DO YOU HEAR ME? you cant let them win. Unicycling is not something that you can take time off…

I would just refrain from activities that hurt your already strained muscle or whatever. It should be alright soon.

no…you’re right. tomorrow im getting back out there. 7am-7am. 24 hrs straight. i’ll have my hops up to 185cm.