some skating worth watching

kids crazy, but i like his style.

I saw it some weeks ago :smiley:
the best skate film ever made :stuck_out_tongue: really good!! I like his style a lot :roll_eyes:

THAT MAN HAS ISSUES! but after seeing that, i really want a mental problem!

that was so much more entertaining than other skate videos, and i cant stop watching it!


It’s like a mixture of freerunning and skating. Wild.

that vid inspires me so much
i want to see all the obstacles different and do some things he does with a uni
Yeh william hollarado is awesome but i think this guy is better

+1 on everything you said

The end is sick!

pretty sick video!

I sense a “Post your favourite skate video” thread coming on…
What about BMX?

haha Jason i just thought exactly the same thing

holy shit this guy is a little crazy but so inspiringly creative

@padst3r yeah this video reminded me aswell of richie jackson, he’s just awesome with his unique footplants

For anyone unfamiliar with Rodney Mullens unique brand of flatland…

Those skate videos were pretty sick!