Some Serious Bike Skills

Though you guys might want to check out some pretty good wheel skills. I love the single, front wheel backward ride & the outtakes at the end.


Yeah I saw this before. Good stuff. I emailed it to my mother because she is a cycling journalist haha

Poor roadie’s probably never been so scared in its life :frowning: Awesome vid!

Makes me go back to the thought of, why don’t road (ie. 36er) Uni’s have tyres that thin? :smiley:

I’m no 36er expert, but I think it has to do with flex. The wheel is so large that it’s too flexible. To get a thin tire like that, we would probably need a very specially designed 36er rim. Which in the end, may or may not reduce weight. I think the way we turn on unicycles also has a negative effect with a small tire like that, possibly ripping it off the rim. With less tire surface, sloped roads could be really hard to ride on too. It may be hard to ride a uni with a tire that thin, wouldn’t absorb road debris very well.

There have been threads on it. But it’s been a while since I read them.

There is a non unicycling section of this forum you know…