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Random Questions…

  1. Is there a tutorial on the suicide mount (I’m not sure if its called thad but its when you hop onto the unicycle when nothing is holding it). Also, is this hard to learn.

  2. I am trying to mount my girafee 5ft and I just cant seem to get high enough and when I do I cant maintain control. Any tips and should this be that hard to figure out b/c it looks so easy

  3. I have a torker DX 24’ and I was wondering how high I should be able to hop on it. I just cant get any jump on it compared to my freestyle nimbus.

  4. I want to buy a corker but how tall do you have to be. Also, how many mph can you maintain on a 1 hour ride.

Thanks and I did search these topics.

Tall enough to reach the top lever, I guess.


  1. Line up the pedals and jump on! It helps to start off with your seat lower.

  2. What mounting technique are you using?

  3. It definitely makes sense that you cant jump as high as on the freestyle, it weighs a lot more. How high you can jump with it is completely dependant upon yourself, and how much you practice. The more you practice the higher you will get.

  4. I’ve never ridden one so I cant answer the question but it is known as a coker, not a corker.

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Have a look at

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