some random newbie thoughts on unicycling

Unicycling is both the most fun and the most frustrating thing I’ve ever tried. Whenever I throw my head back in exasperation because I’ve screwed up, it’s always with a huge grin on my face. I am getting better, but I’m enjoying the process so much that it almost doesn’t matter.

Best conversation starter ever. While I was practicing last night I made friends with four people whom I probably never would have spoken to otherwise.

I’ve only received one dumbassed comment so far, and it rolled right off my back because of the sheer amount of hard work involved in what I’m doing. Good discipline for cultivating the ability to be graceful in the face of stupidity.

Much better leg workout than I’d thought it was going to be. Don’t really feel the need to do legs at the gym right now. I know it won’t be so hard on my legs once I’m better, but for now, I’m happy to accept the workout.

I’m an aspiring personal trainer, and I think the unicycle is going to be a huge asset. I’d like to bypass working for someone else if I can, and I think I could attract many potential clients if I were to include the unicycle in my outdoor workouts.

I love this damn thing. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

Glad to hear you are having fun!

Did you end up getting the Nimbus 26" you were “90% sure” of last time? Road or Muni tire?

I got the 26" road a week ago and had a ton of fun doing the first serious riding on it around the Brooklyn waterfront this Sunday, then doing “most” of the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan and brief stretches of the bike path home as I hit my endurance limit. Left it at home yesterday to recover, and today on account of a rainstorm, but hoping to get back out tomorrow before and/or after work.

Which crank length are you using? Only time I really regretted getting 127’s was the upgrade on the bridge - I assume that will come with time, while the subsequent downgrade felt nice once I got used to the idea (I’d never ridden down a hill before).

Good thoughts, Catsmeat. I feel particularly strongly about letting it be something fun, even when we’re frustrated or aggravated about not being better at it. You’ll get better if you keep doing it and it’s easier to keep doing it if you let it stay fun.

Becoming more efficient at smooth cruising opens up the opportunity to do long rides for training aerobic endurance. And there’s also muni. If you want to keep working your legs, try unicycling on rugged single-track with rocks and tree roots and big changes in elevation. I saw mountain unicyling on and in YouTube videos around the time I got my first beginner’s unicycle and I thought it had to be the silliest thing I’d ever heard of. Then I tried it and found out what a blast it really is.

Self-employed NASM-CPT trainer (side gig) and fanatical unicyclist here. I totally called dibs on combining the two interests. :wink:

Seriously though, it’s a great idea. I’ve done a ton of research into ways to leverage unicycling as a fitness activity and I have plans to really try to make it a big thing in my area in the next six months. The biggest obstacle will be the learning curve - but as you’ve already found out, each tiny step in the right direction gives you a lot of positive feedback. You just don’t want to stop.

Yessir, I went with the 26" Nimbus. Road tire, Kris Holm dual-hole cranks (117 mm and 137 mm). Don’t think I could have done better for my present situation. Cranks are set to 137 mm for now. Will be interesting to see what 117 mm is like once I’m comfortable at 137 mm.

I’ll consider that when/if I get tired of smooth cruising. If mountain bikers tend to have legs of steel, then muni riders…


It happens very often that I’m doing a workout in the park, and someone expresses interest in my routine. If I’d been able to say to those people, “Well, I’m a certified trainer, so let me know if you’re interested,” I could very well have had at least a couple of clients by now. The unicycle is a positive attention MAGNET. If I were to include the unicycle in my workouts…yeah, maybe I’m being a little cocky and life is about to check me, but I think I could probably just skip working for a corporate gym.