Some Questions

Hey everybody, i got some question and you guys can probably help me out,

about a month ago i saw a guy who could unicycle and juggle so i thought “i gotta learn that” so i got the rings, balls, and pins and learned to juggle so now on to unicycling, so heres my questions:

Where is a good place to buy a unicycle? and how much do they cost for a pretty good quality one?(in Canadian dollars)

im determined to learn this so i want to get a pretty good one.
i guy around here was selling a 20’ Norco for 125$ (Canadian remember)
would this be good for a beginner?

Thanks a lot, any help is really appreciated!

I don’t know much about Norco brand, but that sounds like it would be a good beginner uni.

If you want more options, check out

or bedford unicycles if you want to deal in canadien dollars. he can also answer your question honestly.

Torkers are what i recommend to beginners. As long as it’s black, the Torker is great. Stay away from the chrome ones. You can get them from, ebay, or bike shops. If a bike shop doesn’t have one in stock, ask them if they can order it.