some questions about defect

since defect will be out before long there were a couple of questions I had about it for whoever may know. first, how much muni is in it, thats not north shore style stuff(i’m tired of seeing nothing but north shore stuff for muni). second, is Dylan Wallinger and Josue Barreto in defect? THere names weren’t in the teaser trailer, but they were some of my favorite riders from U2. ANd finally does anybody know the set date its supposed to come out, Dan heaton said somethin about sept. 1 but nothing has been mentioned since then. Thanks for any help

The word on the street is that it will come out more like in October. Something happened to cause the delay but i don;'t know what.

Cause they found some awsome new rider they had to get in the film, or there was problems, i dont know, im jsut soreadin rumors now…if you wanna know just ask Dan and hel prolly tell ya, or oyu can just wait till its out and then buy it…

Dylan Wallinger and Josue Barreto are not in the film as far as I know, and for the muni amount. Not a whole lot, but really good stuff for waht’s in it. I don’t know the date it is out, but I can expect dan’s doing all he can, with the stress amount and everything to get everything finished. It will be well worth the wait. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Ah bummer, I didn’t know it was delayed. Oh well, usually delays are for the best as the product is better in the end. Anyone know the status of the defect T-Shirts too. Haha I just love that logo and it would be awesome, just as a simple green/black shirt with the defect logo exactly how it is in the end of the trailer.

I’ll be looking forward to both!

Re: some questions about defect

Justin Kohse’s section is a mix of non-northshore muni, and a little 24" street. Justin is mainly a street rider, so a bunch of street type tricks made it into his muni riding.

I think kris’s north shore stuff turned out great.

Dylan, and Josue are not in defect.


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oh u will its in the bonus features Its called: Old school riding



There is a bit of MUni from Justin Ko"zy"she and Kris Holm in the video. Josue and Dylan were not available for filming.

We are now trying to have the video released around the Cali MUni Weekend. I’m not going to give any specific dates, because i’m not completely sure at the moment.

Info and pre-orders will be available soon. No naked riders that I know of in the video…


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