Some ppl are getting rude

Has anyone seen how some ppl are getting rude in treads.
In another thread i read this from leeman180 "if you there know has been many threads on this then why didn’t you use the SEARCH button? "
I just thought that was a little rude and was seeing if other ppl have seen stuff like this?

Actually, I think the forums have gotten much better and a few of the once were trouble-makers are now good clean forumspeople. Some, have not made progress, and occasionaly some people do have outbursts. I myself have said a few unkind things to people before. But I think that everyone has it in control and it isn’t an issue we need to address any further.

Thanks for your concern, but It’s all good.

I disagree catboy idiot, no i’m just kiddin i don’t mean that. lol. It’s getting better. i think if there is a thread of it, and someone makes a new one, awesome, trust me, i don’t like to read a whole lot, so seeing a new thread with less replies, yet uptodate stuff is better than reading the thread with 50 posts to catch up. And that thread might be 3 pages back. So sall good on the same thread threads. Just keep it real. And keep it about unicycling. On another note, unicycling is rad. haha laters


Re: Some ppl are getting rude

I’ve been on this board for a few years now, and recently there have been many more repeat questions and threads with no real point. If anything I’ve said has offended people, I apologize.

To me, there are several problems with repeat threads (such as the recent one about painting a uni). First, it clutters up the board and causes other threads to be pushed down on the list. Second, might make people to repeat themselves to answer questions, if they choose to answer at all.
There are many other reasons repeat threads are a problem, but the biggest one for me is that it makes searching the forum much more difficult. When there are many threads with similar titles or subjects, they all show up when using the search function and finding the best treads on the topic becomes much more tedious.

So, I’m sorry if people feel I, or others, are being mean. But, please think, and search, before you post.


Re: Some ppl are getting rude

Perhaps you should see it as ‘informative’ rather than rude, then it wouldn’t bother you?


maby your right but he had some parts bold and some with italics, making it sound realy condosending

In the last few months, this forum has become more typical of the internet.
Meaning, people are swearing and being terramendously mean to everyone, just because they’re not saying it to their faces. About a year ago, everyone was really nice on this forum, which almost never happens on the internet. Now certain people who shall remain nameless are just being plain rude.
So stop.

Are you all a bunch of f****** idiots? This thread is not RSU related in any way! I say you hike up your skirts and forget about it you pansies!

this is a joke if you cant tell. I agree with you all and I, for one, will try to clean up my language and try to be nicer.

I beleive if your not going to say anything nice just shut your pie hole and find a different thread to reply too

That wasn’t very nice

I agree with daino. there might have been a nicer way than ‘just shut your pie hole.’

I am sorry I guess I was rude I am sorry but I donl like the people who just reply in a rude manner

you are forgiven. :smiley: I do agree with you, though.

Re: Re: Some ppl are getting rude

I think as a forum ages users will come and go. The same questions rolling in from time to time is just a result of new people finding the forum or discovering unicycles.

It pretty much happens on all focused forums. Goto the guitar forum and you will see the same newbie questions over and over.

It is all good. It means the forum is ‘living’ to see new users and the interest in the topic is growing.

Otherwis, you don’t have an expanding forum; you have a membership club.

Just the way I see it.

it does seem to have taken a turn for the slightly more civilised again
which is good news
and, if the bunch of people i polled about the phenomenon are to be believed, it’s simply a cyclical thing
good to talk about it occasionally tho

i’m sorry that i was rude. i thought it might have been the appropriate thing to do because i have seen so many other people do the same. next time i’ll be nicer.

shut up, wussies!!! <----------------joke