Some pics worth posting....

Here are some pics my dad took of me today, i thought they were worth posting…

and more…

bcspin jump mount…

my favorite…Running, jump, bcspin mount…

3 pallet hop…

dude, that wheel is awesome!!!
so’s the hop!
why do you call them bc mounts like 3 times, we already know it’s a bc, lol
anyways, nice work

what kinda hub did you put in the 24" wheel, did you make it? (as in build the wheel, not fabricate the hub)

It is an oddessey Hazzard hub, its is cartrage bearing hub, it is very nice, i reccomend it to anyone building a wheel, no i didnt build it myself, someone i know did, he builds retartedly strong and straight wheels.

you seem like you know what you’re at with a bc wheel.

I have a pretty crappy but not bad one I made - but I can’t ride it at all! the tire rubs my leg, I can’t stay up on it either!

You and spencer make this look easy. How long did it take to learn to ride one of these things? are there any tricks I could use for learning? Will I have to just live with the stupid tire rubbing my leg?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, pictures of any time halfway through a zany trick always come out cool. I really love this one I got yesterday of myself doing a kickup mount, while we’re posting cool looking uni pictures.


I learned it in aobut 20min. Spencer Rides his with constant pressure form his leg on the tire, i make fun of him for this because you hear this zzzzzzzzzz… as he goes buy and he also hand ride knobby tires because it grabs him and throw him off, but yes you can ride it like that if you have a slic tire.

HAHAHAAH your face in that pic is funny and i dont keep constant pressure on the tire…just when i want to slow down or i need more control.

Nice photos, watch those wrists…they look very vulnerable.


Those guys are from the “safety equipment is for people that hurt themselves” school. In other words, they’re waiting until they hurt themselves a few times to make sure it can happen to the, not just all of us. :slight_smile:

Awesome pictures! Try to post them a little smaller though; they took a long time to load.

Yeah, I didn’t start wearing gloves, until I turned my right hand into hamburger, twice, and now i just wear a glove on my right hand ^^ I don’t see any reason to put one on my left if I don’t fall on it.

I’m a bit of a fence-sitter myself…so far it’s worked out well for me. :wink:


That first one, with your left foot on the right platform, can you ride into and out of that? or was it just a spiffy looking stillstand sort of thing?

im working on it, it is extramly hard to do, you need a crap load of arm strength, and or alot of ballance.

my fav. i love it



if you had one of these you could make some coin with all those skills.

know what i’m sayin

I’m working on that too, i mount normally but with my right foot on the left side and i just push off. In my version, i dont hand walk it i just ride.