Some pics of my backyard trials

I’ve finally figured out how to set up a gallery and have posted some pictures of what I’ve been building in my backyard. I am lucky to have a large yard and even an old concrete slab in the back.

All of the wood used in this project has come from pallets and scrap wood I brought home from work. My only cost has been for nails and screws.

More platforms will be put next to the big platform in the woods and will be joined together with skinnies and maybe a rolling ramp or two.

Hope you enjoy!


Thats a nice setup you have there :smiley:

Now we need some pics of you riding on it :wink:

You have an entire unicycle park in your back lawn!
I envy you.
Well done.
Thats awesome.

I wish I could put some trials obstacles in my yard but my parents won’t let me.

Now if you could simply pack all that up and bring it to the NAUCC next week you could save me a lot of trouble…


Bill, you have just created envy in the hearts of Trials Unicyclists World wide. Shame on you!!!

When can I come ride? Also, will a coker work on those ramps? :slight_smile: --chirokid–

Thats a really nice set up you’ve made their Bill. its a great advantage having that slab there. I want to start making my own trials ground in my back yard but i need to gather up a whole bunch of materials. Is there any place you know of where you can get free building materials that are appropriate for a trials ground. Any help would be appreciated, and congrats on the obstacles- post some pics of you riding when you get round to it,

Wow!!! Can I come and visit you? :wink: That’s fantastic. Yes, please post pics of you riding on that great trials park.


Hey Bill,

Dude, you’ve got it bad. I thought that I had a cool backyard set-up. Yours is world class!

So, has your wife left you and the house? If she hasn’t you need to take care of her and to really hang-on to anybody that would let you do that to their back yard.

Green with envy.


Yeah, really…

…okay, that does it. I am out of here… :wink:
no big trials setups in my backyard.

Touche’ Bill - ditto on the envy.

Open invite to all: Give me a call, you are welcome to come to my house and play!

About my wife leaving me…
My wife is a higher priority than my toys and she knows it. But since I am a high priority on her list, she gives me room to do my hobbies. It’s called “give and take” and it works well for us. Of course I am careful about when and how I present my ideas for new unicycle purchases. :wink: Tommy, you and I have talked about how well our wives take care of us. A good spouse is not to be taken for granted.

napalm - find a business that gets lots of pallets, many times they are discarded. Use the pallets whole or break down for the individual pieces of wood. If you want to be really thrifty, straighten and reuse the nails from broken down pallets.

Down side of all this trials set up is… too much time spent building it, not enough time riding.

Last night I rode my 24’ skinny (3.5" wide) end to end 3 times. Looks like I’m getting better. I won’t tell you how many times I failed. :o

I’ll work on getting a photo shoot going so I can post a few riding pics.


hey bill, where exactly is washington? i live right outside of reading… i’d love to take you up on your invitation

It doesn’t matter how many times you failed, that’s the fun of riding the stuff. When you can make it every time, it’ll be time to do more building! :slight_smile:


Washington is in southwestern PA, south of Pittsburgh. A good bit of a drive, probably 4.5 hours. We live in a long state.

For future reference, check out It’s a great way to get answers to “How far is it?” and “Where is it?”


Yeah. Believe me I actually just checked mapquest. I really want to ride in your yard but unfortunately im in philly. Thats 5.4 hours. Maybe next year. I’ll be at state college, a mere 3 hour drive!!!

Mr. Cookie Face Youre only 70 minutes from philly. Youre welcome to email me at and come down. SWAT may be able to even come up.

(Edit: :: Pelvic Thrust :: )


If I had my lisence you know I would be there in a heart beat… but seeing as it is hard to convince people to take me to a park or a trail to uni, I doubt it would be an easy feat to get a ride past philly… but i will try and send you an email when i find out more.

theobieone, I’m going to be at the state collage in 2 years (unless I go to a satalite school in Erie and transfer down my junior year) I guess that comment wasn’t really relevent, I just got excited that in my persuit of higher learning there might be other unicyclists close by.

And lastly, in an effort to get this thread back on topic (or at least steer it in that direction) your backyard setup is amazing, and it puts my few cinderblocks and 2x4s to shame.


If like me your parents hate the idea of having palletes around the place, some good advice is to cut them in half sort of, for every2 normal size palletes you can quickly and easily make 3 mini palletes, they are a lot lighter and easy to move aorund which is good for me, because im only allowed to keep them if i hide them out of sight and then have to get them out and set them up every time i want to play :frowning:

Billham i love your course/playground…one day i will find some where to host my own decent trials playground, one day


After you get my coker I want to see pictures of you riding your playground on it!


For Awesome Bill, that new Coker will be like a Trials Unicycle. I’m sure he’ll be dice’n and Slice’n his backyard course in on time, Coker Style! :slight_smile: Go Bill Go!!! --chirokid–