some photos

hallo everybody, i’m learning to use the web and just uploaded some pictures on picasa.

you can look at them here:

thanx MUni-addict: you convinced me i’m not too old

Top pictures but what really caught my attention was the geared uni with exposed planetary gears it looks great,can you tell us more about it.

It was built by Jogi, the first guy who posted in this German thread: Getriebe

The pictures you’ll find at page 2.

He brought it to GMTW in march, so we could all test ist. But there were just a few people who could actually ride that hell-machine.
It’s 1:2,5 and the construction looks awesome while moving.

I can’t read German so… what exactly does it do?

Haha I’m glad for that…but 31? How could you have thought you were too old lol! Great pics btw, but which one is you? There appears to be lots of different riders. :smiley:

in fact i had almost thought i were too old to learn anything further than riding it, eventually a couple of standard skills. thanks to your videos and kris holm’s ones i fell in love with the muni and later on i started with some 24’ street riding (tanx to justin kohse). btw i’m the man with long blond hair and beard.

about the 1:2,5 geared unicycle i know very little if not that i was at the GMTW where i knew Jogi who let me try his “incredible machine”. i’m among those who haven’t managed more than half a revolution (half a pedal revolution is more than a wheel rev.)! he told me he’d built it 'cause he thought it should be possible to complete a marathon in one hour …if cyclists could do it, why not try on one wheel?

I’ll try and link jogi to this thread hoping he can tell us more…

and it really awesom to see someone ride that beast, maybe it will be seen at unicon.

Woow this Guni looks awesome. A really beautiful engineering piece :smiley:

GMTW seemed fun :smiley:

I hope to see Jogi here to tell us about his Guni!

GreatPics :wink:



I can´t tell you much about the technical details,but I will tell jogi to write something about it. What I can say is: it is possible to ride this “incredible machine” :slight_smile: I think I can say about myself,that I am able to ride this Guni really sure (but I have still problems with the free mount:( ):smiley: I am going to start with this Guni at the 10km unlimited :o


How does your little partner breathe?



some infos about the “guni”

the idea of the “guni” is to construct a durable gear -even for muni use- in a different ratio than schlumpf.

the decision for the “side” construction was to held the moments low - that makes the gear much more stabil and cheaper.

this first test version has a ratio of 1:2.5 for to go up to 40 km/h - theroretic…in praxis it is very hard to ride but nadine does a very good job on it

in this test guni rose a few problems i solve in the next smal serie.

  • first of all the “frame” problem - caused by a wrong construktion detail. the next gear hub will fit in all standard frames
  • in the test gear the planet ring might jump out in some spezial cases. that problem is also fixed
  • the hub: next series will have a ises hub
  • the open design: in future avaivible in open or closed version.
    the material: at the moment the very common S235JR+AR steal will be replaced by much better.
  • even its not so heavy, the weight will be reduced a lot
  • the ratio will shurly be smaler, about 1:1.9 - 2.2
  • there will be a shift version and a none shift version.

end of august i will have all details from the new modell…

so long jogi