Some pedals and K1 hub

Some things for sale:

-Odyssey Trail Mix Unsealed Pedals, never used. $35
-Miyata freestyle pedals, never used. These are hard to get in Australia. $10
-Koxx not-really-isis hub, good condition, missing the little plastic piece on one of the bolts (doesn’t effect functionality). $35
-Kh front bumpers (Modified kh handles). For people who dont want a handle on their KH style seat. $5, 2 available. Probably not worth buying unless you’re buying something else.

Buyer pays postage. Contact me with your address and i’ll work out the cost.

$30 for the koxx hub.

$25 for the koxx hub. Crazy!

so standard isis cranks don’t fit on koxx hubs right?

yeah, I think you need koxx cranks.