some one to ride with

anyone in the worth IL area like to get together some time and ride

You may want to post what type of riding you like to do.

ive only been riding for a couple months so right now i just like crusing around town.

Hey I live in beverly hills area in chicago

thats like at 95 western not too far from worth

PM me if you have any Ideas for something

P.S. surfer1024 lives by me too
Worth is near 111st and harlem right??

There’s a Chicago thread somewhere in here. surfer1024 and I usually keep it updated with rides. There’s not too much considering its currently 3F out but when the weather gets better there will be quite a bit of distance, trials and street riding in the area :slight_smile:

Try to provide a link to the referenced thread. These local area ride threads are handy for everyone. Using SEARCH one can find several other Chicago related threads.

ya 111th and harlem i live right off of harlem and southwest highway (one block before 111th if heading south) like stated earlyer its only like 3 degrees out, i just wanted to see if there was any one in the area to ride with when the weather breaks.

Also check the yellowpages or bike clubs that maybe in the area as this may help you find another unicyclist too also. :smiley:

:smiley: Welcome to the forums by the way. :smiley: