Some of the BEST uni videos *at least in my opinion*

These arent my videos

They’re muniaddicts

AKA Terry

check them out, seriously…they’re awsome!


check em out!

and he DIDNT ask me to do this, i just told him i made it!

he gets enough publicity around here! Garr!

go screw urself in the @$$ you bunghole pleasure-er!!!

Just cuz he’s probably better than you, dont be so damn jealous

Haha, he’s just being nice.

I know, I’m just goofin around :stuck_out_tongue:

I know haha.:stuck_out_tongue:

correction: some of the best uni vids here
These arent my vids (obviously :p)

definately this one.
this isn’t my vid (obviously :p)

Yeah that ones pretty good. They should really finish that vid. Actually not cause they are probably way to busy and tired but still…

You’re too kind.

I think these are some of the best unicycle vids.

Luke, thats one of the reasons that you’re my favorite riders. your so humble. I love you too, spencer.:slight_smile:

i like defect?

I don’t think any of my videos are anywhere near the best…
actually, I like this minus the music… actually that video could be MUCH better, but there isn’t much style involved.

spencers ok i guess :wink:

luke and spencer and forrest and xav got the vids that get me pumped the most…therefore they are the best vids…

I concur.:slight_smile:

Me three, I agree

Best out there
From post 6 on, IMO.

The best of those who are regularly making vids:
Luke, Shawn, Spencer, Loic. They are all really good. But they are all street.

I would like to see more trials and Muni. Like, Frank’s. Just if they had higher resolution (because of the dark woods?).

Hehehe his name is Mike Myers lololol.