Some new stuff over at Renegade!

Hay Guys, I was talkin to the folks over at renagade to score myself some spokes, and Tom asked me to let you all know that he just got a shipment in of the new tryall tires! Heres the original message, enjoy guys!

Hi Cody

I just got some white spokes in, we also got the new tryall sticky tires light. The black has a weight of 885grams and the white tire has a weight of 953 grams, both are much lighter than the old tire, the old sticky black was 1078 so it is 193 grams lighter almost 7 oz. less.

If you could do me a favor and post the new tires for me that would be great.

Are you going to the nationals in Berkeley on July 11? I will be there and have a table for vending.

thanks tom

yay! the white is back.

I’m so happy about that, just ordered one!

that sounds perfect to go with my new echo sl rim. now all i can do is get super light pedals

Man I wish I could get a couple, living in NZ we dont get that stuff might see how much is it to have it shipped here…

unicyclerman, can you post a pic of your uni please?