some new street videos of me

hello. just thought id let you guys see what ive been up to lately on my uni. some of you have seen the long video already. but ive got new clips up. theres an 8 set handrail, a 10 set hop, 180ing a 6 set etc.
see ya, Kevin

Wow that was some awesome riding and very inspiring. Along time ago you had this great sponser video, did any of the people you sent them to get back to you?

Really awesome riding!!!

And I love the plaid suit. Talent and style… what more could you ask for???


thanks. neither of the 2 companies got back to me. i wasnt really expecting them to, but it would have been nice even to get some feedback on it. oh well, its gonna happen.

haha thanks. i got that plaid suit for 10$ at value village. a great buy. i absolutely love it. i think it gives me confidence too.

see ya, Kevin

anyone got the clip saved on their computer somewhere?


404 not found :angry:

Yeah, would have had better luck 3 years ago.


Sweet. I tried searching for them but searching through the gallery never works well for me.

I’m old and easily confused. Why do people resurrect old threads?

Cuz they used the Search feature!!! :D:D:D:D


horray 4 GK!

  1. the old link to the video’s doesn’t work anymore

  2. someone like GK can come along, see that the link is down, and post the ‘current’ location of the videos

  3. now we can all enjoy some street videos from a long time ago.

OK, fair enough.

Thanks Gavin.