Some new short video's

some new tricks i learnt



yay yay

Nice. Good job, you are learning stuff really fast.



Nice videos. Have you tried any 180flips?

Hickflip, thats a funny word ha.


yeah i can do them just not very well so i keep those hidden :wink:
well you named it so ha, you’re a funny name maker:p

You people from australia learn stuff so quick :wink: Lots of good street riders down there.

About the naming? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes we aussie’s are a clever bunch. ahh just joking, we’re mostly idiots, ahh just joking again.
yeah you know who’s really good from Australia… Luke Collato and Tomsey… and me. nah not really. kbye

Yeah, it seems like Australia and France have a ton of really good riders.

ya reackon i didnt think australia would but france. its like they’re born with a unicycle. heaps of them are awesome
but the usa has heaps of pros and stuff

I now know why Tomsey is so good at backs. And why Shaun owns at normal flips.

It has to do with the gravitational pull. Like how the toilet flushes in the opposite direction down there. Well its easier down there to flip backwards then forwards. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahahaha good thought. its extra good because it reminds me of a simpsons episode

Really good video’s mate, your improving fast too.

Hahaha! He does seem pretty awesome at backs. But, I’m close to triplebacks and I’m in the northern hemisphere…


Oh then you’re more kickass and you’re my new idol.

thanks mate

You freak! You’re good at backflips and you’re in the northern hemisphere. that just aint right boyo. hehe:D. Hey Mike you should fully hurry up and land the triples. That would be so cool man. Good luck

and fluxusmaximus watch this

it’s mike nearly triple backflipping

wow. it’s so fast you can’t see it in slo mo.

yeah its crazy eh.

Mike, have you even landed normal triples? Because I was under the impression that the only person ever to land one was Shaun.

Shaun (as far as I know… haha) is the only one in the world to land any kind of triple. I know people close to triplefronts, but no one I know is anywhere near triplebacks.

I think I’m the only guy that can hit doublebacks on flat. And I have them consistant. Ask anyone I have ridden with.


Sssshhh, you will ruin my street cred, no one else knows that!