some new questions

So hello there!
First of all I’m new to this site.
Secondly I have several beginer questions about learning.
I have been doing this for about 6 months on and off and just wanted some pointers.
What are the best ways to master the self start or starting without leaning on a wall?
How do you start hopping?
What are the best ways to begin stalling?
How do you go down curbs?
And finaly any tips for ridding long distances on your unicycle?

Thank you for your time.

here is a good website for beginner tips

it should have every thing you need to know

ps. Welcome to Unicyclist!!:smiley:

Welcome to the forum. A popular reply to a post like this seems to go something along the lines of “use the search function.” I know that sometimes it is hard to know just what to search for and so it’s not always the most helpful. After you are on the forum for a while you get a better feel for how to do better searches.

Here are some vid’s that I found when I was first starting. I haven’t watched them in a long time, so they might not be as good as I remember, but they seemed to help at the time.

I can’t really comment on the long distance question as I have a four mile commute that is pretty much the bar for me right now.

Free mounting came pretty naturally after I really became comfortable riding without a lot of unplanned dismounts (UPD’s).



Dropping off a curb:

Yes, the Search Function will yield a wealth of information. There are not really “new” questions. In a nutshell, stay over the wheel and you’ll be fine.:slight_smile:

As for learning to ride: you might learn faster if you don’t use a wall to cling on to. Just hold on to something to start out, then see how far you get.

I’ll throw some info at you.

So hello there!

First of all I’m new to this site.
Welcome, You will find everything you need here, from tips, to information about parts as well as plenty of videos and pictures to keep you interested.

Secondly I have several beginer questions about learning.

I have been doing this for about 6 months on and off and just wanted some pointers.
Spend more time on than off.

What are the best ways to master the self start or starting without leaning on a wall?
This is called are “free mount”. The best way is practice. Sorta throw your weight UP AND FORWARD like you are getting ready to roll forward. Think about using your back foot (mounting foot) as only being there to keep the uni from rolling forward.

Simply, you should be turning your weight into forward movement as you mount, your back foot will keep the uni in place, giving you time to get your front foot to the pedal so you can roll away.

Just remember you are lifting your weight up onto the uni, not down on the pedal.

How do you start hopping?

Dont lock your knees up. You still want some bend in your knees, but the idea is to keep the wheel locked from rolling. So you will need to keep your weight even between both pedals. Start small and quick(lots of little hops), as you practice spend some time making less bigger hops.

What are the best ways to begin stalling?
I believe you are talking about a “still stand”? For this you will want to use your arms like you are an airplane… your upper body will play a huge roll in keeping you balanced for these. Set yourself a goal, like one second… then two seconds, then 3 seconds… having something obtainable to work for helps with progression.

How do you go down curbs?
Another one that will come with practice. If you dont already have shin guards, this is where they might come in handy, as you may not always land with even pressure on the pedals. I would start with doing a side hop down the curb. Hop to the opposite side of your holding hand. If you hold the handle with the right hand, side hop to the left. Also work on just rolling down the curb. For this, make sure you are pulling up on the handle and are fully confident in riding away once you land(note your pedals may be in a weird position when you land so you need to keep your forward momentum going, but this does not mean “go crazy fast”).

And finaly any tips for ridding long distances on your unicycle?
Like I said before about the setting obtainable goals, that should help. As a new rider you will only be able to go so far, before you wear out… 'specially your inner thighs. This will get easier and easier with less and less pain. Just work up to where you want to be. An upgrade in the seat department will also help for distances.

Thank you for your time.
No problem. Good luck.


thanks so much for all the info :]
its really helping i am already able to go 4 miles and my self starting is improving.

one more question
right now i own a 24 inch and i want to buy a unicycle that is more for tricks and sturdier iv been looking at 20 inch trials
what do you guys think about those?

We think they are good. Theres many different types of trials unicycles, were there any in particular you were wondering about?

I’m about 90% now on freemount, I found a way that works for me almost every time, I keep the mounting pedal down at the ground, sometimes even in front a bit (At like 5 o clock or 6 o clock) I step into that pedal, and it doesn’t really move anywhere, so it’s super simple to get my other foot on, just make sure you lean into it if you try this method, because otherwise you will never get on it.

What I’ve been doing hopping wise is I will ride along, then stop, and hop once (sometimes 2 or 3 times) and then keep going, then stop and do it again. I pick things on the ground to hop over, like rocks, or cracks in the pavement. I also do this rather slowly, so I’m not only working on the hop, I’m also working on my balance at very slow speeds, which is working towards stalling.

As for curbs, I don’t know, I rode off one today but I just went by what felt right, I didn’t really think about it.

i was looking at the nimbus 20 inch trial
but putting the 125mm KH isis crank arms on it instead

Looks like a great choice. You should be very happy with that uni, and crank option.

A good way to practice idling and stalling (still standing) , is while watching movies or something. It is kinda dull compared to other things, and takes a lot of practice.

It is great to see the Nimbus comes with the KH seat now, the best. Everyone who wrote about the old style Nimbus cranks said they were weak for trials, and many upgraded to moments at purchase time. However, Nimbus changed to an all crank new design recently, supposedly much stronger. So if you are a little tight on $ , you might just go with the stock cranks.

cool so i shall not be disapointed with this uni?
and i will be able to ride it right?
cause im around 6 foot and it wont be to small?

Order one with the standard seatpost (25.4x350) and you should be fine. If it’s too long, you can always cut it down.

If by small you mean wheel size, then no, I’m 6 foot and I’m riding a 20" right now. I cut an inch off my seatpost so that I’d be able to lower it a bit if I needed to, otherwise it was maxed out on how low it could go.

nifty :]
i shall buy my trials with confidence now

I may not know much, but if I were to do trials and street, I would want the 20" wheel, smaller, more maneuverable, at least that’s how I think it would be. And I don’t often see people doing trials or street with a larger wheel, so I’m gonna base it on that.