some new pic in album

(sorry my albums so far back no one will notice if i don’t post :frowning:

2.3 ft up…

Great special effects! But I KNOW it’s impossible…

You bastard…

(how can you do that???!!!)

Can killing looks like fun, great motivation to learn how to hop. I know what I’m showing the kids tonight.

When posting vids it’s helpful to post the size (MB) and length (sec) in the description for those of us with slow connections.

Keep 'em coming

oops looks like i posted this twice :frowning:
i’ll add the size/ text, but how do i cut out some frames from movies? (other movies)

-How do i hope 2.3 feet? try the double hop thinggy (look at the KH work shops)
-suck up the uni as much as possible like hmere
-push the seat out too(well… like this

always follow Kris Holm

Re: some new pic in album


On that video with the grind, does some guy at the end say “dumb sh*t”?


Did I really see you grab the wheel on the mount? That seems unusual to me. Or were you mounting with the seat in front?
Regardless I’m very impressed.

Dylan… maybe… stupid freeryders :angry:

Zim yes i grabbed the seat infront

VirtualDub <>

Here are some guides on using VirtualDub along with some other video tools

There are also commercial software packages that will edit and cut digital video files.


Firstly, great work! I noticed that you do quite a big pre-hop. Have you tried with a smaller one and decided that you prefer a big one? I’m just thinking that a big pre-hop does seem better than a smaller one for me to try for high jump. Are you running a very low tyre pressure?


uhhh i haven’t really thought aboot that!

but no my tire pressure isn’t low… i can moderatly flex the tire with the seat between my legs, and i can’t bottom it oot on a rail

4 more videos up!